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Mega tester TEPI

Mega tester TEPI
Mega tester TEPI
Mega tester TEPI

The device for checking the electrical parameters of piezoelectric diesel injectors


The Mega Tester device is a software and hardware complex that allows you to: measure
the capacitance of the piezoelectric element, measure the resistance of the piezoelectric element
under voltage, measure the insulation resistance under high voltage, and also to generate a
voltage of control the injector to measure the progress of the piezoelectric element and check the
correctness of the assembly of the injector. The functionality of the device allows to assess the
degree of damage of the piezoelectric element, and is intended to make it easier in diagnosis and
troubleshooting of the piezoelectric devices. The operation of the device is controlled from a
computer with keyboard and mouse help. It is also possible to start the device in the mode
“Stroke” manually using the Stroke button on the front panel of the device.