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The CR-JET test bench is designed to test Common Rail injectors manufactured by Bosch, Delphi, Denso, Siemens at system pressure up to 2400 bar.
The design of the CR test bench and its equipment elements meets the requirements of international standards in terms of static and dynamic parameters — ISO 4008/1 and ISO 4008/2.


Measurement takes place in an electronic measurement system. A software with test plans is included.
The CR-JET test bench allows you to simultaneously check 4 injectors, as well as monitor the temperature of the test fluid at each injector.
The CR-JET test bench uses a CR4-Tester device, which is designed to supply user-programmable Common Rail injector control signals to test their performance (shape and intensity of spray, volume performance).
Calibration oil from the tank flows through the intake filter, non-return valve (located in the tank), and the fine filter to the plunger pump. The pressure is regulated by a safety valve, which prevents an increase in pressure in the system above 0.02 MPa.
The tank has a 1.0 kW electric heater to maintain the working temperature of the calibration oil.
The unit is divided into 2 sections designed to measure the spill of test oil in the supply and return lines, respectively. Each section can measure the passage in 4 channels. On the back wall are reusable filtering elements (one for each channel) and fans for cooling the test oil, which is fed to the measuring module. At the entrance to each measuring module there is a temperature sensor , which measures the temperature of the incoming liquid.
After connecting the injectors to the measuring unit, you must ensure that the hydraulic connections are tight. Measurement accuracy will not be ensured due to possible leakage of the test fluid.