Development of equipment for testing and repairing diesel systems


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The device “UIS-Tester” is created to test and verify the performance of unit injectors (UIS -Unit Injector System) and individual high-pressure fuel pumps with high-pressure solenoid valves (UPS -Unit Pump System).

The device "UIS-Tester" allows you to:

  • set the control signal of the high pressure solenoid valve;
  • measure the rotational speed of the cam shaft;
  • set the required number of cycles;
  • preset mode, for 5 solenoid valve control modes;
  • set any value of the advance angle of the solenoid valve.

Specification Package

Supply voltage
220 V ± 15 %
Signal delay angle
0° ... 359°
The number of injections per minute
100 … 1500
The mass of the device is
8 kg
Dimensions (length x width x height)
365 x 320 x 110 mm
Power consumption up to
750 W

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