Development of equipment for testing and repairing diesel systems

Mega Tester V3

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The device Mega Tester V3 is a software and hardware complex that allows you to check Bosch and Siemens VDO injectors:

  • Measure the capacitance of the piezoelectric element;
  • Measure the resistance of the piezoelectric element under voltage;
  • Measures the insulation resistance under elevated voltage;
  • Continuous resistance measurement;
  • Form the injector control voltage to measure the stroke of the piezoelectric element;
  • Measure the gap between the piezo actuator and the pusher of injector hydraulic valve from -2.0 µm till 15.0 µm.
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Insulation resistance1 MΩ … 10 GΩ
Piezoelectric resistance100 kΩ … 1 MΩ
The accuracy of measuring resistance is± 2% + 3.e.m.
The capacity of the piezoelectric element is0.5 … 10.0 μF
Accuracy of measurement of capacitance± 0.3 μF
Piezoelectric voltage setting range20 … 160 V
Rated supply voltage220 V

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