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DT-UNI Tester

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DT-UNI Electronic testing device of high pressure fuel pumps VE, PE, ZEXEL. The device "DT-UNI" is intended for testing and verification electronically controlled high pressure fuel pumps distribution type, as well as in-line injection pumps. Distributive type VE - in particular Bosch HDK and EDC, as well as Japanese manufacturers of fuel pumps ZEXEL in particular COVEC-F. Linear fuel pump type: PE. The device "DT-UNI" is created for testing and verification electronically controlled high pressure fuel pumps and allows you to:

  • control of the inline and distributor injection pumps with electronic controls;
  • set any possible position of the slide valve (dispenser);
  • work with pumps in which the position sensor: inductive or potentiometric;
  • control voltage (handshake) feedback dispenser position sensor on the indicator;
  • control the set control voltage to the metering device;
  • control the value of the current through the metering winding;
  • control the value of the fuel temperature in the pump;
  • control the position of the injection pump advance valve;
  • display the voltage of the so-called “valve stroke” timing ”(TPS), only for ZEXEL-COVEC;
  • start the engine directly with device "DT-UNI";
  • carry out a performance test of the injection pump without removing it from car.
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